Streamline Lab Operations

Put Processing Errors in the Rearview Mirror

Don’t let incorrect labels or missing data slow down test processing. Built on 20 years of developing and innovating lab data solutions, ELLKAY offers enterprise interoperability and automated processing in an end-to-end ordering and results platform that improves manual accessioning processes and reduces data errors and expensive, time-consuming mistakes. 

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Deploy Quickly and at Scale

With over 43,000 interfaces under our belt and partnerships with 250 EHR vendors, ELLKAY’s fast, standardized onboarding processes get your new customers up and running in no time.

Eliminate Missing Information

Put an end to expensive, time-consuming data chasing with bi-directional interfaces that automate clinical and claims data collection at the front of the workflow.

Simplify Data Management

Ensure standardized, consolidated patient records and avoid delayed, denied, or partially paid claims or duplicate testing. ELLKAY matches patients across disparate systems and provides mapping for accurate test and insurance codes.

Automate Manual Processing

Boost capacity and accuracy with electronic orders, automatically printed lab-branded requisitions, and instrument-ready barcode labels for faster, error-free accessioning.

Cut Support Costs

With ELLKAY as part of your IT department you can focus on expanding outreach, increasing testing optimization and automation, and improving your bottom line.

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