Entrepreneurial minds are constantly being stretched as new challenges face our healthcare market every day. More than ever, we must propose new and innovative product designs and solutions to support our nation's need for efficient, timely, and secure healthcare data. This begins with the innovators of tomorrow.

Shreya Patel, Chief Innovation and Product Officer, ELLKAY

I have spent the last 25 years immersed in various segments of healthcare. My 17 years as CIO of Intermountain Healthcare showed me the value of having innovation as a central theme and focus of a company. Now at ELLKAY, and heading up this program, I am eager to work with healthcare entrepreneurs to mentor, collaborate, and help guide the development of their solutions.

Marc Probst, CIO, ELLKAY

Healthcare is a unique market. Collaboration is the key to success and productive growth. At ELLKAY, we are very excited about this opportunity to collaborate and invest in healthcare innovations, bringing entrepreneur's ideas both to life and to market.

Ajay Kapare, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, ELLKAY
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ELLKAY Launches "LKHIVE" An Initiative To Amplify Budding Healthcare IT Innovators

An Initiative To Amplify Budding Healthcare IT Innovators


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