Data to Support Risk Adjustment

Connect and Collect—Data for Risk Management

Empower risk management and maximize revenue with enterprise-level interoperability.

ELLKAY’s scalable clinical data exchange and chart collection solution streamlines data collection to target engagement of high-risk populations and support accurate encounter reporting for risk adjustment. Reduce the time, effort, and cost of medical record retrieval and chart review to optimize risk scores.

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Chart Collection, Chase Tracking & Provider Communication

Efficiently manage workflows and data related to chase lists, provider outreach, and medical record retrieval. Track requests throughout their lifecycles in one convenient application built for payer-provider collaboration.

Simplify Payer-Provider Communication & Workflows

Simplify chart submission for providers and accelerate your medical record review process with an interactive communications workflow between payer and provider.


Request-Response Model for Actionable Member Data

Enable providers to fulfill chart requests via one centralized dashboard that supports upload, scans, faxes, and more. Contact providers electronically or receive data automatically through connectivity to provider EHRs.

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