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Maximize the opportunities for growth presented by Epic Community Connect and achieve your enterprise expansion goals. In collaboration with Epic integration engineers, we have built a streamlined, efficient process for onboarding your clients without burdening your resources. Let ELLKAY’s industry-leading data solutions help you win more affiliates and provide your community with coordinated, quality care.

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Cut costs and retire legacy systems, storing legacy data in one centralized LKArchive solution accessible from Epic via SSO.

Fuel Epic Healthy Planet with data from disparate EHRs – LKOpera makes it easy with seamless integration built in collaboration with Epic’s integration engineers.

Differentiate with a Powerful Suite of Enterprise Interoperability Solutions

With one partner for historical data archiving, live data exchange, and a future-focused data strategy, you can focus on growing your health system. 

Secure, Accessible Legacy Data

Seamless access to clinical, financial, and ERP data in one cloud-based, active archive solution eliminates costs associated with legacy systems. Leverage SSO integration as well as additional integrations designed specifically for Epic (ROI, ADT, etc.).

Data to Fuel Healthy Planet®

Empower informed, data-driven business decisions. ELLKAY offers easy access to actionable data for SDOH and Pop Health analytics and reporting, enhancing payer-provider collaboration and care coordination and unifying healthcare data in a single, longitudinal record. 

Expand Laboratory Connectivity

Rely on industry-leading laboratory connectivity. Expand outreach with robust ordering and bi-directional interfaces; fast, easy orders and results connectivity between our lab hub and your affiliates; and seamless, rapid connectivity to a network of hundreds of laboratories.

Streamline Interface Management

Centralize interface monitoring and management, reduce resources and simplify operations, and consolidate disparate interfaces into a single cloud- based platform for all your applications. 

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