Migrate EHR Data

Discrete Clinical Data Migrations for a Truly Seamless Experience  

Moving your data to a new EHR is not always easy, but with ELLKAY, it’s always in the hands of experts who know the ins and outs of your applications.

As the industry's leading specialist in extracting, evaluating, and migrating existing clinical data from one EHR to another, ELLKAY minimizes the stress and cost of EHR data extraction and migration. Our dedicated teams guide you every step of the way, providing the speed, accuracy, and streamlined processes you need so you can go live seamlessly while staying focused on patient care.

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ELLKAY takes the time to listen and really understand our problems. They’re not trying to be someone they're not. They really have our vested interest and work to be an extension of our team.

Bridgett Ojeda, CIO, Bryan Health

Stay on Track with Patient Care

View a full picture of your patients’ health, fuel trending views with discrete historical data, and make truly informed care decisions—in real-time.

Clean and Comprehensive Data

For highly complex specialty data, you need a data migration partner who understands your data intricacies.

Flexibility and Agility

With 15 years of experience migrating data and 270+ EHRs in our knowledge arsenal, ELLKAY is the trusted data migration partner. 

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