Clinical Data on Demand

Comprehensive Data to Support High-Quality, Low-Cost Care

Leverage a health data management and exchange platform that supports the exchange of all types of data, seamlessly connecting payers and providers, while building complete longitudinal member health records.

Access live connectivity and real-time data to create comprehensive records of patient clinical and claims data that help providers inform care, target treatments, improve member health, and reduce costs.

Accelerate Data Acquisition from Disparate Provider EHRs

Connect to disparate EHR applications for real-time access to discrete and non-discrete clinical data in all formats, standardized and provided in one centralized location.

Build a Longitudinal View of Member Health

Access clinical, claims, demographics, laboratory, and other healthcare data from disparate sources to build a complete, longitudinal view of each member’s health in one platform.

FHIR-Supported Bi-Directional Connectivity

FHIR-supported health data exchange platform supports vendor-agnostic data flow between payers, healthcare systems, and members.

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