Patient Intake & Payment Solutions

Connect to ELLKAY APIs for Bi-Directional Data Exchange to Hundreds of Applications

Patient engagement is a journey that relies more and more on an effortless digital experience. With seamless integration to practice PMS and EHRs, your application will have access to the data you need to connect practice and patient, automate scheduling, expedite check-in, and create charges.

Connect to ELLKAY APIs via one secure endpoint for bi-directional data exchange with hundreds of applications. And power your solution with real-time access to demographic, clinical, scheduling and billing data to improve patient satisfaction and enhance practice productivity and profitability.

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Single-Endpoint Connectivity  

We connect to you to hundreds of source applications while your team manages one connection to ELLKAY.  

Quality Data in Your Format 

Leverage ELLKAY’s years of healthcare data expertise to deliver the data you need, in your required format for easy ingestion.  

Streamline your Onboarding 

With an expert partner to handle your back-end connectivity and provide your customers white-glove service and seamless implementations, you can conserve internal resources to focus on your core business.  

Scale Deployments & Expand Your Reach   

Connectivity to hundreds of sources enables us to deliver projects with speed, accuracy, and efficiency, so you can focus on acquiring more customers, faster.  

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