ELLKAY for Oracle Health

Differentiate your Organization 

Let our enterprise solutions and partnership with Oracle Health support your data management strategy. 

For years, we have coordinated with Oracle Health to build a tailored, seamless methodology to help organizations migrating to Oracle Cerner Millenium®, PowerWorks®, or CommunityWorks®, or using Oracle Cerner HealtheIntent® for population health management.

Oracle Health and HealtheIntent are registered trademarks of © Oracle Cerner Corporation.

ELLKAY takes the time to listen and really understand our problems. They’re not trying to be someone they're not. They really have our vested interest and work to be an extension of our team.

Bridgett Ojeda, CIO, Bryan Health

Complete Data Migrated to Oracle Cerner

If you’re migrating to Oracle Cerner Millenium®, PowerWorks®, or CommunityWorks®, ELLKAY will extract and migrate your data for a smooth transition. 

Cut Costs and Decommission Legacy Applications 

Retain your legacy data, easily and efficiently, in a way that’s easy to access. With LKArchive, you can view patients’ archived data from within the Oracle Cerner patient chart window. 

Connect Oracle Cerner to Other Healthcare Applications for True Interoperability 

LKOpera enables easy connectivity between your and your organization's health insurers, SODH platforms, and other applications for bi-directional exchange of data for quality measures reporting, referrals and medical management, health plan membership and claims, billing, and more.  

Fuel HealtheIntent® with Seamless Access to Data

As the preferred integration partner for Oracle Cerner HealtheIntent® projects, ELLKAY helps organizations of all sizes establish connectivity and provide data to fuel meaningful population health insights. We've built a seamless process with Oracle Cerner integration engineers, enabling ELLKAY to onboard more clients, faster, with minimal effort. 

CMS Compliance and & Reporting  

Access full legal medical records easily and support Release of Information Requests, reporting and informatics. 

Scalable and Reliable

Nineteen years of connectivity to hundreds of sources allows us to scale to deliver quickly, accurately and efficiently, regardless of complexity.

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