Care Coordination & Management

Connect to ELLKAY APIs for Bi-Directional Data Exchange to Hundreds of Applications

Effectively engaging patients in wellness, prevention, and chronic condition management depends on current, accurate, and complete patient data. As the leader in healthcare data and interoperability, ELLKAY delivers real-time access to that data so you can focus on delivering care.

ELLKAYs' experts help you manage bi-directional connections across hundreds of provider applications via one easily managed secure endpoint. Get access to EHRs for demographic, clinical, and appointments data, and medical and consent forms; and easily send messages, care plans, charges, and reports to physicians. 

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We are years away from achieving the ubiquitous data integration standards of interoperability. That is why it is so important to have a partner like ELLKAY who takes an agnostic stance to EHR integration and works with the unique standards of every major EHR vendor in healthcare. The team at ELLKAY is responsive and highly competent. Our partnership with ELLKAY is an important part of our future success.

Jon-Michial Carter, CEO, Chartspan

Access Longitudinal Patient Records  

We can interface with any system to deliver any data in any format, helping to give all care team members a complete, up-to-date picture of patient health.


Managed Services Partner

As the leaders in healthcare data, we can take the lead on integration projects, saving you money and providing trained professionals to extend your IT team. Building an efficient data pipeline leaves you free to focus on acquiring more customers, faster.  

Single-Endpoint Connectivity  

Our technology connects you to hundreds of source applications — while your team manages one connection to ELLKAY.  

Quality Data in Your Format 

Leverage ELLKAY’s years of healthcare data expertise to deliver the data you need, in your required format for easy ingestion.  If the data exists, we can help you get it.

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