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Partner with the leaders in healthcare data to speed up, scale up and expand your lab business.

We’ve spent 20 years streamlining data to help labs grow. Our scalable enterprise interoperability solutions will help you meet and exceed the demands of your current volume and customer base while providing the increased speed, efficiency, and connectivity you need to stand out in the marketplace.

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Expedite Customer Onboarding

Our experience building over 43,000 interfaces and connectivity with over 250 EHR vendors helps you quickly deliver a streamlined ordering experience to new customers.

Select Ordering Options to Support Growth

Select scalable ordering and results solutions tailored to your customers based on budget, volume, and testing types.

Ensure Profitability with Complete Patient Data

Avoid repeat tests and delayed, denied, or partially paid claims with complete demographic and claims data. 

Manage, Maintain, & Cross-reference Test and Insurance Codes 

Improve efficiency and first-submission claims approval with up-to-date insurance codes and test code compendiums.  

Streamline Accessioning

Boost throughput and organizational efficiency with electronic orders and instrument-ready barcodes that eliminate expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable manual processes.

Extend your IT Team

Let ELLKAY handle your backend connectivity so you can focus your resources on vital optimization and automation projects.

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