Real-time Access to EHR Data

Maximize Lab Reimbursements - Eliminate Missing Data

Payers are increasingly requesting clinical documentation of medical necessities and insurance prior-authorizations with orders. Without this required documentation, claims are denied. LKOpera ensures laboratories are reimbursed for services while cutting operational costs.

Automating the collection of data directly from the EHR, it eliminates the need to reach out to the practice or hospital for each incomplete claim.



EHR Connectivity


Practices Connected


Patients Impacted

Clinical Data on Demand

Receive orders that include essential patient demographic, insurance, and clinical data.

100% Clean Orders
  • Streamline the ordering process
  • Reduce the risk of most pre-analytical lab errors
  • Minimize laboratory calls to practices and hospitals
  • Improve provider experience
  • Provide more reliable results for better patient care
Data to Support a Variety of Use Cases
  • Prior-Authorization
  • Medical Necessity
  • Clinical Trials
  • Research Partnerships

Comprehensive view of Patient Health

Access pre-authorization details required for medical necessities taken at the time of the order but not included in the requisition.

Cloud-based Dashboard
  • Centralized, cloud-based dashboard connects to disparate medical systems, pulling patient data from across the enterprise at the patient level
Vendor-Agnostic Connectivity
  • Data from 250+ EHRs
  • Submit data with the claim
  • Validate prior-authorization form fields used by the provider to bill the encounter
  • Hold data later for requests and appeals

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