Enterprise Resource Management

Decommission Legacy HR, Supply Chain & General Financial Applications

When upgrading to modern ERP software, you could be left with legacy applications full of data you need to support operations and compliance. LKArchive allows you to unplug legacy applications for good and cut operational costs while maintaining productivity.

With customizable, user-based dashboards and workflows, LKArchive empowers your organization with enterprise-wide access to your data in one easy-to-use, centralized platform.

Resource Planning & Spend Management

Support strategic spending. Enable easy reference of legacy resource management data from across your enterprise.

  • General ledger and accounting
  • Accounts payable, invoices, & assets
  • Supply chain, sourcing, and contracting data


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Human Capital Management

Empower the teams who manage your talent with access to searchable, comprehensive legacy data on all employees.

  • Employee details
  • Employee history & documents
  • Benefit plans
  • Programs
  • Coverage
  • Vendors
  • Paychecks
  • Earnings details
  • Deductions
  • Job tracking management

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