Integrated Ordering Solution

Lab Ordering Solution within your EHR

Integrate the LKCareEvolve portal directly within your EHR and provide your customers with a streamlined solution to create orders, connect to laboratories, and instantly view results. 

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Add Value to Your Solution  

Gain a competitive edge with simple, easy-to-use lab ordering, and seamlessly connect with hundreds of laboratories.

Save on Internal Costs 

Refocus your development resources, increase efficiency, and cut expenditures related to building and maintaining ordering functionalities and lab connectivity.

Integrated Ordering Portal  

Empower clinicians with one-click access an ordering workflow to your customers that's built for labs, by lab experts – without reinventing the wheel. 

Integrate a secure, cloud-based archive solution with your EHR via SSO, so providers can spend less time creating orders and more time reviewing the results. 



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