Blue Plans: Receive and Respond to BCBSA PEX

Streamline Inter-Plan and Provider Communication for Gap Closure and Medical Record Retrieval

Let us help you improve performance metrics and reduce the time and cost of supporting inter-plan gaps in care closure, medical record retrieval for quality scores, and risk score accuracy.

ELLKAY has put 20 years of healthcare connectivity expertise into a solution that boosts Blue Plans’ connectivity with clinical data on demand from providers and other BCBS health plans. Easily receive and respond to requests from BCBSA PEX while reducing the time, effort, and cost of record retrieval and chart review for risk adjustment, quality, and care management.

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Designed to Support Unique BCBS Workflows

Easily exchange charts and requests with BCBSA PEX using a solution built around BCBSA standards and requirements.

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Eliminate Manual Chart Collection 

Collect 100% of members charts – faxes, scans, paper charts, EHR data – in one centralized location at the member level.

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Simplify Payer-Provider Communication

Provide clinicians with a portal to receive and respond to medical data requests and easily upload charts.

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Electronic Request and Response with PEX

Send requests, track statuses, and receive charts from BCBSA PEX, and receive and respond to MRR, RADV, HEDIS, STAR, & RAGAP requests.

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Streamline Data and Chart Collection

Manage campaigns, chase lists, provider outreach, and chart collection.

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