Orders and Results Platform with Advanced Body Mapping

Provide Anatomical Pathologists a Powerful Tool to Complete Orders in Minutes  

LKConnect is a fully integrated, feature-rich orders and results solution that produces laboratory-customized requisitions with unlimited biopsy sites, diagnoses, related treatments, images, and photographs.

Built exclusively for anatomic pathology laboratories, LKConnect includes a revolutionary body mapping feature that provides unparalleled ease of ordering and helps laboratories increase sales, differentiate, and retain long-term accounts.





EHRs Connected


Practice Management Systems Connected

Revolutionary Body Mapping

Breakthrough imaging and mapping makes entering manual biopsy information a thing of the past. An integrated dictionary identifies the exact location for every biopsy site for increased consistency and fewer errors.


Logbook/ Manifest with Results Integration

Web-based logbook with intuitive user interface makes orders and results management easy and efficient.

Simplifies Results Workflows
  • Results routed and delivered to logbook
  • Color-code biopsies
  • Single-click updates of treatments
  • Easily add notes and follow-ups
  • Reference order histories and images

A Powerful Tool with Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

Easy to install LKConnect takes less than a week to set up in most practices, connecting your lab to hundreds of EHR and Practice Management Systems.

Customized Requisitions & Labels
  • Requisitions
  • Labels
  • Rooms
  • Printers
Integrated ТС/PC Module
  • Create professional component reports
  • Add electronic signatures
  • Specify diagnosis and microscopic descriptions.
  • Include images and notes
  • Review lab's technical component report.

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