COVID-19 Response for Laboratories

Ready, Set, Test

Support COVID testing locations and enable high-volume testing with rapid deployment and end-to-end connectivity. Get up and running quickly with bi-directional EMR, PMS, and LIS interfaces to increase order intake, connect to other labs for outsourcing, expedite testing, and automate state reporting.

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Eliminate Registration Bottlenecks & Testing Delays

Enable patient self-registration, self-service for rapid ordering, and quick on-site collection of all data necessary for testing, reporting, and billing.

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Fast, Reliable Online Ordering

Securely capture and store patient data and AOE answers, electronically send orders to the LIS, generate instrument-ready bar code labels, and quickly deliver results.

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Support More Surveillance & Pooled Testing, Faster

Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of surveillance and pool testing with easy workflows for monitoring group infection rates. Track participants in surveillance and pooled testing, create test scenarios for positive pools, and automate PCR orders for positive surveillance tests.

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Dynamic Platform Supports Unique Workflows

Supports all telehealth, employer testing, universities, long term care facilities, at-home testing, and other test scenarios with rosters, draw lists, and standing orders.

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Real-time Results Delivery

Fast, secure delivery of results to providers and patients, as well as billing agencies and other authorized recipients. Patient portal provides ready access to results and reduces calls to lab.

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Automate State Health Reporting

Interfaces with all US state and territory health agencies’ ELRs, automatically delivering results and data configured to state-specified requirements.

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