Meet CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Rules

Making Continuous Compliance Simple

Meeting the CMS Interoperability Mandate requirements for seamless connectivity and data sharing is possible - with the right partner.

ELLKAY leads the industry in connecting healthcare organizations across the care continuum. We know that while interoperability is integral to value-based, patient-centric healthcare, digital data presents challenges.

Let us help you access member data in real-time, simplify member access to health data, meet all CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule requirements, and achieve true interoperability with our secure, FHIR-supported, enterprise data exchange platform.  

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Seamlessly Exchange Data

We create a secure, real-time flow of structured and unstructured member data between payers and providers, accessible to members through 3rd party apps connected via secure FHIR API.

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Fuel Complete Longitudinal Records with True Interoperability

We establish interoperability with provider EHRs, lab information systems, and other provider applications, normalize and standardize data, and provide your health plan and provider network to access a full, longitudinal view of member health.

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Bi-directional Exchange of All Healthcare Data

Out-of-the-box connectivity with hundreds of healthcare applications allows exchange of clinical data, lab results, claims data, plan coverage, and other member data.

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Support FHIR APIs - Including Patient Access

Supports APIs to access use-case specific data, single API access to all provider-payer data, and legislated patient access APIs (Patient Access API, Provider Directory API, and Payer-to-Provider Data Exchange).

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Enterprise Management and Monitoring of 3rd Party Access

Secure, effective 3rd party access management includes app certification, developer portal and sandbox; custom on-boarding playbook, training, and testing tools; vendor management and support; and an administrative dashboard to manage compliance and risk.

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Authentication, Authorization, & Patient Identification 

Ensure the safety and security of Protected Health Information (PHI) with a layered security model that includes authentication, identity management, authorization and consent, client registrations and comprehensive risk mitigation measures.

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