Hospitals & Health Systems

For over a decade, ELLKAY has made interoperability a top priority. We work with hospitals and health systems, providing the secure and efficient “data plumbing” they need for all data connectivity. With 15 years of experience extracting medical data and a capability list of over 160 EMR systems and 550 practice management systems across 900 different versions, ELLKAY knows systems. This depth of knowledge has provided us with a strong foundation on which to build enterprise-level services and solutions that cater to growing hospitals and health systems.

We have helped 75+ hospitals to migrate legacy data from disparate EMR systems to a hospital EHR, to archive legacy data for point-of care access to patient records, to build and manage HL7 orders and results interfaces, or to collect clinical, claims, demographics, and administrative data from various EMRs to manage population health.

EMR / PMS Software Providers

While we are not an EMR company, our solutions are geared towards increasing EMR/PMS adoption by overcoming connectivity challenges. Our partnerships with EMR/PMS vendors allow them to stay focused on their clients and build feature-rich systems while expediting the EMR/PMS implementation process. Our services and solutions include structured data migration, demographics/charges interface solutions, and laboratory orders & results interfaces via our hub connection.

Our proven interfacing solutions, years of experience and strong relationships with the nation's leading laboratories help EMR/PMS software providers acquire more clients while they give practices exactly what they need.

HIE / ACO Solution Providers

Over the past decade, ELLKAY has accumulated extensive knowledge in connecting to virtually any EMR/PMS system and delivering computable structured data. Whether your company is looking for basic clinical data, appointments, charges, or a lot more - we act as a backbone to your organization and deliver structured clinical data that you need.

Our infrastructure includes sophisticated tools that guarantee data extraction, identification of delta changes, and delivery of data with monitoring and alerts. Your company can now focus on patient-centered solutions including analytics, revenue management, impacts of intervention, and patient registries, ultimately leading to reduced costs.

By providing measurable clinical data in one structured format regardless of the underlying source system. ELLKAY facilitates ACOs and HIEs to deliver solutions for optimal patient-care.

Diagnostics Laboratories

We understand how the increase in EMRs and electronic orders and results is reshaping the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive suite of products and services offer all the solutions laboratories need, including providing software to practices for electronic orders and results, connecting to practice EMRs for electronic results delivery, and cross-reference insurance mapping, as well as connectivity to patient demographic and insurance information.

We are committed to providing solutions that assist laboratories in increasing sales, differentiating, acquiring new accounts, and retaining existing accounts. Our dedicated team is an extension of their IT departments, helping laboratories of all sizes reduce bad debts and provide cutting-edge IT solutions.