Hospitals & Health Systems

For years, the healthcare industry has collectively been working toward a patient-centric model of care delivery in order to achieve one goal: high quality, low-cost, coordinated care for all patients. Many health systems are merging and acquiring ambulatory practices in an effort to create integrated delivery systems that will cut medical costs and increase the quality of patient-centered care.

As these hospitals and healthcare institutions grow, they inherit new priorities and challenges. One of the major challenges is decommissioning the old EMR and keeping legacy data accessible when moving to a new EMR/EHR, whether to comply with state and federal regulations or provide patient-record access to physicians to maintain continuity of care.

Additionally, healthcare organizations are now finding it a necessity to aggregate various patient data from disparate source systems. This data enables providers to view a complete picture of patient health, identify gaps in patient care, and recognize opportunities for intervention in a timely manner. However, the ability to access high quality healthcare data still remains a hurdle; it is a challenge for healthcare organizations to connect to the hundreds of disparate systems in the thousands of individual practices for the patient data they need.

For over a decade, ELLKAY has made interoperability a top priority. We work with hospitals and health systems, providing the secure and efficient “data plumbing” they need for all data connectivity. With 15 years of experience extracting medical data and a capability list of over 160 EMR systems and 550 practice management systems across 900 different versions, ELLKAY knows systems. This depth of knowledge has provided us with a strong foundation on which to build enterprise-level services and solutions that cater to growing hospitals and health systems.

We have helped 75+ hospitals to migrate legacy data from disparate EMR systems to a hospital EHR, to archive legacy data for point-of care access to patient records, to build and manage HL7 orders and results interfaces, or to collect clinical, claims, demographics, and administrative data from various EMRs to manage population health.

Our Process

We simplify data extraction, conversion, and archiving and provide data to fuel the analytics, clinical benchmarks, and quality measures reporting that will ultimately lead to improved outcomes and better patient care.

ELLKAY makes this process seamless, cost-effective, and stress-free by providing a dedicated team to oversee projects from introduction and scope definition to data evaluation to test conversion and client sign-off to project completion. We ensure all client needs are met by assigning resources to this team from various departments including client engagement, project management, account management, research and development, and data conversion. These experienced teams understand the nuances of every system in our constantly growing wheelhouse, and leverage 150+ proprietary tools that enable us to complete projects with competitive speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Practices of all sizes are now demanding that EMRs be connected to laboratory orders and results in order to satisfy "meaningful use." Partnering with ELLKAY allows EMR companies to connect to hundreds of labs via a single hub connection.

One hub connection connects you to all the laboratories
Speedy Interfaces at no cost to EMR companies

Medical practices spend months researching, selecting, and implementing a new EMR. Each practice has unique requirements and should choose an EMR that satisfies their needs.

Practices can now have all their legacy patient and clinical data in a discrete, structured format in their new EMR system on day one.

"#1 Data Conversion Company in the U.S. Healthcare Market" - The AC Group

Accurate measurable clinical data is the foundation of population health management. LKPatientDataLink is a one-stop-solution for all your EMR connectivity and data acquisition requirements. Based on your needs, it extracts and securely delivers any delta records on a periodic basis.

Clinical, Claims, Demographics, and Administrative Data Feed

LKEMR-Archive is an easily searchable, read-only data archive solution for practices moving from one EMR to another. Data can be stored temporarily and moved to the new EMR later or, if needed, stored in LKEMR-Archive permanently.

Easy-to-Use, Simple, and Secure EMR Data Archive Solution

LKEMR-Archive for acute care gives hospitals and health systems the freedom to decommission discrete legacy systems, providing data from multiple disparate systems in one cloud-based archive solution that is connected to the EHR to achieve interoperability and deliver better patient care.

Decommission all your legacy systems and retain 100% of your data consolidated in one archive solution