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Laboratory Orders & Results Interface Implementation

Stay focused on your clients while we implement your interfaces!

One of the primary components that influence the value of an EMR is its ability to interface with a laboratory for orders and results. Practices of all sizes are now demanding that EMRs be connected to laboratory orders and results in order to satisfy "meaningful use." EMR companies must pay close attention to this accelerated demand and provide long-term solutions in order to retain clients and increase market share.

ELLKAY diagram illustrating how single hub connectivity with built in HL7 translation and cross reference mapping  can help laboratories achieve orders and results interfaces with hundreds of laboratories

Challenges Faced by Laboratories

Interfaces are an additional expense, and laboratories typically use Average Monthly Volume (AMV) to determine their margins for each interface implementation. Apart from the interface cost, laboratories also have to add extra resources to manage these implementations and expand their IT teams to accommodate special developments for each EMR.

Even if the costs are justified, the biggest problem laboratories face is the speed of interface implementation.

Challenges Faced by EMR Companies

A lot goes in behind-the-scenes to establish a dedicated connection and implement a new interface for a laboratory. Discussions, understanding specifications, development, security infrastructure, connectivity, test compendium cross-referencing, insurance mapping, and HL7 translations take time and at times lead to frustration on both sides. Adding new laboratories becomes a challenge.

Due to the increasing demand, EMR companies are getting backlogged. They need to expand their IT teams for development and project management, and prefer to implement interfaces first with those laboratories with which they have existing connectivity established.

Our Solution - Single Hub Connection

Connect to hundreds of laboratories with a single connection to our infrastructure.

ELLKAY has been working with laboratories for the last decade and has established relationships and connectivity with hundreds. Partnering with ELLKAY allows EMR companies to establish one channel with us and inherit connectivity to all of these laboratories out-of-the-box. Our process is simple, flexible, and responsive: We cater to small and large EMR companies who wish to interface with laboratories but prefer to focus on building feature-rich systems for their clients.

The interfacing approach that your EMR takes will translate into how your organization is viewed by that physician. At no cost to the EMR companies, our speedy interfaces, proven implementation process, and quality service attract more practices and provide a competitive advantage.

Advantages to EMRs

  • No cost
  • No internal development for new interfaces
  • Elimination of backloads
  • Minimal project management
  • Built-in connectivity to hundreds of labs
  • Faster support

Advantages for Laboratories

  • Fixed low cost
  • No costs for interface engine
  • Reduction of back-loads
  • Speedy interface implementations
  • Faster support
  • Centralized Dashboard for Interface Management

Comprehensive Service

ELLKAY interfaces come with the added advantage of our resources - we provide full interfacing service to meet your specifications while you focus on increasing your client-base.

  • Management of all your interfaces from start to finish
  • Dedicated project management team
  • LIVE ongoing support throughout the process
  • Access to full tracking system to view/manage our progress

Speedy Interfaces

ELLKAY specializes in providing speedy and hassle-free orders and results interfaces. Our exceptional interface team, excellent project management capabilities, hands-on customer service and our comprehensive knowledge base allow us to build interfaces in zero downtime.

Centralized Dashboard for Laboratories

Web-based, centralized dashboard provides real-time tracking of interfaces to your laboratory clients. Status updates and alerts monitor data transfer at all times. Whether there are two interfaces or thousands, all the interfaces can be managed from a single screen.

  • Ability to drill down into individual transactions
  • Remote configuration and schedule management
  • Available anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Alerts with real-time predictive data analysis on mobile devices
Laboratory Orders and Results Interfaces Brochure