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Switching your EMR?

The challenges involved in moving to a new EMR/EHR

Electronic medical records have revolutionized the healthcare industry over the past two decades. Like all information technology, however, the pace of innovation has meant that EMR systems must be upgraded from time to time, or switched out entirely in order to take advantage of important new features or programs...

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Turnkey Insurance Mapping Service

Diagnostic laboratories' need for an insurance live mapping solution

As the diagnostics laboratory industry continues to grow, it has become almost a necessity for laboratories to provide some form of connectivity to physician offices. Laboratories receive electronic orders by implementing either results-only or bi-directional interfaces to EMRs in physician offices. This exposes laboratories to rely on the insurance data provided by these electronic interfaces for their services...

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Customer Success Stories: Privia Health, PCC Wellness Center, Brieloff Foot Centers

LKEMR-Archive solution solves the unique challenges of a growing physician network who needed a partner to help onboard new physician practics onto their central EHR platform, an FQHS community hospital that needed to maintain access to legacy data in a discrete format for monthly reporting, and a podiatric practice that needed access to legacy data while upgrading their EMR systems an decommissioning the old systems.

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Retina Care Center of Vermont selects

A small medical practice owner had concerns about transferring data that resided in the outgoing EMR database. With LKEMR-Archive, a vendor agnostic EMR archive solution for discrete data, notes, documents, and scanned images, Retina Center of Vermont was able to affordably switch EMR vendors while keeping all of their old records organized and searchable.


ProPath Selects LKConnect

The Director of Client Operations for a group of pathologists was challenged to grow business. He needed to find a solution that would attract new physician practice clients and win the loyalty of physician office staff. With LKConnect for Dermatology, ProPath’s sales reps were able to attract and retain clients by adding more value to their dermatopathology services.

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13 February 2013

'LKLiveMapping' Improves Laboratory Operating Efficiency, Delivers a High First-Submission Approval of Claims, and Improves Collection

ELLKAY introduces 'LKLiveMapping'; a unique web-based solution that enables laboratories to manage, maintain, and cross-reference insurance codes and provide on-demand mapping from third-party applications.

5 June 2012

LKConnect Improves Physician Office Workflow: Enables Laboratory Requisitions in Under 60 Seconds

Compatible with more than 450 practice management and electronic medical record software systems (PM/EMR), the feature-rich LKConnect enables providers to create new requisitions for a patient, seamlessly retrieving needed insurance and demographic data from their PM / EMR. By eliminating manual transcription, potential errors are reduced while increasing efficiency.

21 February 2011

ELLKAY and HP Announce New Dermatology Laboratory Requisition Solutions for Hewlett Packard's Newest HP Slate 500 Tablet PC

Leveraging more than 20 years of accumulated healthcare data management knowledge, ELLKAY now offers its integrated requisition solution, LKDermConnect, on the HP Slate 500 tablet.

13 December 2010

ELLKAY Launches 'LKTransfer Mobile' iPhone App Allowing Centralized Mobile Administration, Alerts and All-Around Monitoring for Technical IT Staff

Leveraging more than 20 years of accumulated medical records knowledge, to offer healthcare providers an iPhone application for monitoring file transfers anywhere and anytime.

19 April 2010

ELLKAY Launches Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Conversion Division to Healthcare Industry

Leveraging more than 20 years of accumulated medical records knowledge to offer a full Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data conversion service to software companies, vendors, and healthcare providers.