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EMR to PMS - Charges Interface

Charges from EMR → PMS, Demographics from PMS → EMR

Digram: bi-directional interface syncing demographics and charges between EMR and PMS


Physician offices have been using Practice Management Systems (PMS) for a while to manage their billing. While EMR systems have gained traction in the last few years and practices are shifting towards EMR systems, some practices are still comfortable using both PMS and EMR systems from separate vendors. When practices use two systems from different vendors together, they need to update patient and insurance information in both systems, leading to duplicate work.

Our fully developed interface solution provides seamless connectivity, allowing the two systems to act like one. When patient information is updated in the PMS, our interface automatically synchronizes that patient in the EMR. This provides a seamless experience to the practice without having to re-enter any data in the EMR. Eliminates duplication, saves time.

Likewise, once the physician has completed the encounter note after examining the patient, the diagnosis and treatment codes in the EMR are automatically identified by our interface. These transactions are then sent to the PMS system for submitting claims. Now, the office billing person can continue with their billing process right from the PMS system. No re-entry of data, no superbills.

Streamline your interface implementation from start to finish; our proven process guarantees speedy implementations with full service, ongoing LIVE support, and ability to track all your job requests before and after the implementation.

An example of this type of interface:
When a patient walks in a practice, the front office staff checks in with the patient and edits the patient information in the PMS system. Patient demographics will automatically flow into the EMR, allowing the doctor to simply update the encounter note. Once the note is finished, the charges automatically flow into the PMS so the physician's billing person can submit claims.

Eliminate Errors

Save Time

Eliminate duplicate entry for demographics and billing transactions

Charges Interface From EMR→PMS Brochure